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The work of Yve Janssens' work is bold an assertive.  Tropical flowers take front and centre stage, but the mystery of the story can be found in the layers of color that form the background of the work.  Lost and found edges, the muted greens and blues, the touches of light dancing a choreography of secrets all point to the star of the show, the flowers.  These works evoke all the senses--one can almost smell the detritus rising from the jungle floor.  The viewer can surmise that Yve has had more than just a passing glance in a floral shop--these works portray an intimate, long-standing relationship and inquiry to these tropical wonders.  Perhaps she even reveals a bit of the mystery that is herself.


Susan Mains,

Commissioner of Grenada Pavilion

58th Biennale di Venezia


Yve Poucet's Caribbean paintings draw the viewer into the mystery and magic of island life. Her practiced handling of colour and value - the lush green of the dieffenbachia leaves, the luminosity of heliconia and bird of paradise- show careful observation of the vegetation rendered in painterly brushstrokes.  Her paintings evoke the original rainforest: one senses the hidden drama of life and death.



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